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Audible trades feed (Bitmex Left, Bitfinex Right)


When you keep this page open it gives sound beeps in stereo mode. Left channel is bitmex, right audio channel is bitfinex
When audio beep note frequencies are "going up" it means people are market buying
When beeps are going down - people are selling
When audio note is too low or too high it loops again from high to low or from low to high frequencies
When you have the other link open http://www.valtersboze.com/crypto/feeds/tradeflow/ and
enter bitfinex feed BTCUSD "0.1" and Bitmex feed XBTUSD 10000 you will notice how sounds react to the feed

Its not to be used as signal to buy or sell. That strategy is up to you. Since i make quick scalps, i value information when the market makes sudden moves
The sound activity will be very noticable when there are heavy buys or sells and you instantly know which direction it goes.
Why i created this? Because bitfinex and gdax are used for price manipulation, bitmex is just following price with "marker" to liquidate swaps. Arb bots and traders watch big exchange L2 and trades book and follow on "mex".
So usually Bitfinex dump or pump sounds can be heard first on right channel and i can make quick moves in bitmex It will not help if you for swing trading, but if trade very acggressive and fast - the sounds can help. My plan is to create another one for gdax.
How it helps? - for example if i am in a "long" position scalp, but suddenly hear on right channel (bitfinex) heavy heavy dumps that the sound notes
loop down a few times, i can manage to change/close my position in time before it goes underwater. imagine it as 6th sense of market (actually 2nd)
It also helps to know how volatile is market in the moment - giving hint about trading "volume", not just up or down

This "tool" will always be here for free. I accept donations to stimulate improving code and doing more tools :)
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Recommendations on improving this tool are welcome! contact [at] valtersboze.com